"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid" – Albert Einstein

Our Programmes
Our teachings incorporate fun methods for learning through melodies (Shlokas, Panchtantra stories etc.), developments and motions, sensation, innovative exercises, celebrating essential celebrations, and so on. Each class has both open air and indoor exercises arranged.

Our session starts from June of every year. We offer programmes for the below classes:

Playhome, Nursery, L.K.G. and U.K.G
​​Every single child is gifted and talented in a particular area. 
We at Shikshana DO NOT stick to ONLY READ and WRITE methodology for learning. We incorporate different teaching methodologies to make students learn.
Our curriculum is meticulously designed by experienced professional to cater to the holistic development of a child. We try to find not only a talent in a child but also their challenges. Together with their parents we try to work on those challenges and try to bring out best in them.
Our curriculum revolves around below 6 categories at different levels (for all above 4 programmes). Each child is given their own time to excel in these categories and then move to the next level.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director

Physical Well-being & Motor Development

Self-Help & Self-protection Skills

Social, Cultural & Emotional Development

Intellectual Development

Our Curriculum

Language Development

Getting Ready for Maths

*For more information about curriculum, please visit our office