Our Ideology

"Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand"

A lot part of this statement is the essence of learning at Shikshana. We believe learning is a process where students have to be involved to understand things at its best. We do this by following Enquiry-based learning. Students rather than learning passively from the teachers & memorising facts, constructs their own understanding & knowledge through this technique.
What makes us different?
Creative curriculum & teaching methodology
• Learning & rhyming Shlokas & Panchtantra stories
• Reciting Holy Bhagwat Geeta (optional)
Special classes for both in-house & out-house kids
Free Weekly Class under Sai Bal Vikas programme
Special tips to parents for parenting & educating
Flexibility in the classes
Individual attention & love to each child
Parents' Speak
  1. “What I find unique about Shikshana is that how beautifully it blends out non-traditional method of teaching with its global curriculum. It does this without losing focus on our traditional text & stories"
    -Mr. Murali K. S.

    Safety of my daughter was my utmost concern. Shikshana’s exclusive policy to recruit lady staff,their education & their detailed background check was really assuring.
    Now, its been 3 years since my daughter is learning there.She not only understands difference between safe & unsafe but she knows how to self-protect herself
    -Mrs . Gagana Holalkeri
    “I never thought I could teach so many things to my kids from our day-to-today activities. Parenting has become fun & a learning experience after Shikshana’s proactive & regular counselling by its diligent teachers”
    -Mr. Rahul M.
  2.  We love Shikshana for its flexibility & adaptability. It’s policies offers stress-free environment not only for kids but also for the working parents like us

    -Mrs. & Mr. William Lawrence
     This is a second home for my kid where he feels safe and loved. Here he gets answers for most of his day- to-day activities. He enjoys learning by playing & doing artwork"

    -Mrs. Soumya Gopi